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what is Brand?

how to branding for new business

what do we think when we hear about spectacles?

Lenskart know! it’s lenskart branding

So Look some facts on brand

  • The Branding depends on Quality of the Product Only.
  • The Secret of a strong brand is only one duty, that is the focus , great brands stand for something not a lot of things.for instance, GoDaddy focus on providing low price domains and We should look beyond the things in the brand, for instance, HARLEY-DAVISON MOTORCYCLES, their logo stands for freedom, this logo does not mean the powerful engine.

how harleyson business branding won

  • Mostly our business depends on branding only, about 61% value of Coca-Cola Corporation is the brand.
  • Ford Monetary value is $30.1 billion for their brand likewise Microsoft Monetary value is $65.1 billion.

Brand is both Protecting and Nurturing, so you should follow below three concepts for branding

  1. Be Different

  2. Be Vigilant

  3. Be relevant

So who really Announce the Brand?

Brand Manager? Products owned by people?

It used to be company would tell about their brand



A brand is much for than logo, it something intangible, an emotional love.

Great Brands are focused they stand on something.Great Brands are experiential.Brand can double our business, it creates more value to our products and price.Keep your brand by being different, vigilant and relevant.

Don’t forget your people,

Customers of your brand  !!!

Listen, Respect and Earn their Trust.


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