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Monetary Policy : Meaning, Basics ,Types and Tools

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Monetary Policy: The policy undertaken by the monetary authority particularly the central bank in order to manage the supply of money is called the monetary policy. …


Corporate Accounting : Meaning,Topics,advantages and limitations

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Explanation of CORPORATE ACCOUNTING This is a special branch of accounting which deals with the accounting of a specific or individual company. It includes preparation of …

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Financial Management : Meaning , Functions and Overview

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FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Financial Management is the management of monetary affairs of a company. It is the first and foremost duty of the financial manager of a …

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Difference between e-commerce and e-business

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difference b/w e-commerce and e-business With the expansion of the market, people are enjoying the benefits of online services to set up their business there. Business …

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Commerce and Business : Meaning,Introduction,Importance, Summary

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Commerce and business have in practice since time immemorial but with the advent of industrial revolution, it developed more systematically. Commerce and business are overlapping but …

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what are profit and Non-Profit Organizations and difference between

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Our society wholly run by two kinds of organization viz. profit and non-profit organization. What is Profit Organization? An organization is set up for the motive …

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what is startup company and what makes a startup successful

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What is Startup Company? There is a term known entrepreneurship which is slipping into everybody‚Äôs dictionary. It is the basis of starting a new venture, i.e. …

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what is bitcoin and how and steps to buy Bitcoins in india

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Currently, Bitcoin is the most trending topic and the reason is its value reaching skies. It was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto. The question arises is what …

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what are Secured and Unsecured Loans and difference between them

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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SECURED AND UNSECURED LOANS All of us at any point in life will have the need to buy something which cannot be fulfilled by …

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Credit and Debit Meanings and difference between these Cards

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Before jumping into differences between these cards, first, have a look at what kind of function they exactly perform. What is a credit card? It is …