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Monetary Policy : Meaning, Basics ,Types and Tools

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Monetary Policy: The policy undertaken by the monetary authority particularly the central bank in order to manage the supply of money is called the monetary policy. …

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Advertisement : Basic Principles of Advertising & Exaplanation

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                BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISING The basic principles of advertising are as follows: Visual Constancy Campaign Duration Recurring Taglines Uniform positioning Lucidity Identify a selling point …

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Everything About Data Security’s Requirement : Types, Jobs

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When the word “Data security” is read, the first thing that comes to our mind is what is data? So to start with simple words all …

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Business and Marketing : Meaning,Introduction,importance,examples

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what is business Business is the key to the social upliftment and economic expansion of the Third World countries in the present century. It is a …

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what are profit and Non-Profit Organizations and difference between

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Our society wholly run by two kinds of organization viz. profit and non-profit organization. What is Profit Organization? An organization is set up for the motive …

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what is startup company and what makes a startup successful

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What is Startup Company? There is a term known entrepreneurship which is slipping into everybody’s dictionary. It is the basis of starting a new venture, i.e. …

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what is bitcoin and how and steps to buy Bitcoins in india

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Currently, Bitcoin is the most trending topic and the reason is its value reaching skies. It was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto. The question arises is what …

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What is Company Meaning, Definition & Characteristics of Company

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the company is a group of people which are bonded together with a goal to set up a business. Basically, the definition is over but if …

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HTML: Meaning,examples,importance and uses

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HTML MEANING It is scripting language which is used by most of the web developers working in IT company. Now, those who are not interested and …

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Data Security: How to Keep Data Safe in Digital World

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Data Security In our modern world, the progress of technology is the leading factor that has already greatly influenced many of peoples’ lives. However, a disturbing …