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Monetary Policy : Meaning, Basics ,Types and Tools

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Monetary Policy: The policy undertaken by the monetary authority particularly the central bank in order to manage the supply of money is called the monetary policy. …

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Sole Proprietorship : Meaning,Definition, Characteristics, pros and cons

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Sole Proprietorship definition: “A business that legally has no separate existence from its owner. Income and losses are taxed on the individual” personal income tax return.” In …

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Consumer Rights under the Consumer Protection Act, India

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The main idea behind this enactment act is that to protect the consumers from the all ongoing unfair trading and malpractices in the market. Almost all the commercial …


Education : Meaning,Introduction,Importance, and Essay

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What is Education and why? Education is the process of gaining knowledge, skills, habits, and values. There are different names for education like primary, secondary, under …

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what is startup company and what makes a startup successful

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What is Startup Company? There is a term known entrepreneurship which is slipping into everybody’s dictionary. It is the basis of starting a new venture, i.e. …

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what are Secured and Unsecured Loans and difference between them

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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SECURED AND UNSECURED LOANS All of us at any point in life will have the need to buy something which cannot be fulfilled by …

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Credit and Debit Meanings and difference between these Cards

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Before jumping into differences between these cards, first, have a look at what kind of function they exactly perform. What is a credit card? It is …

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Credit Card : Meaning,Pros and Cons and also types of credit cards

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There are different modes of payments and users decide what method is serving them for good. A credit card is also one of them. The credit …

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What is Company Meaning, Definition & Characteristics of Company

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the company is a group of people which are bonded together with a goal to set up a business. Basically, the definition is over but if …

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Short Essay on Advantages of Insurance

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Insurance and its advantages What is the need for insurance? This the most frequent question which most people appears to query when they are asked to …