what are cookies on the internet and how to protect from others


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what is cookies on internet

At the Time of Cookie invention, they basically started collecting information about you and your preferences.

For Instance, you have searched for Internet keywords that information will be stored on your visited web page.

I Meant, it is a cookie on your computer.

The next time you would visit that website, it would be able to read the cookie.It saved earlier and make you don’t wait as like earlier, in the sense it loads fast.

Remember, the cookie can have information like the visitor’s timings and full visitor behavior on the website.

It can even contain all the opened files on a web page,

A Cookie can contain large information

cookie information storage depends up to the admin of the website you are visiting.

So, there are some limits to who can read your cookies.

The image you searched internet keywords earlier right?

Cookies will be saved on that particular page of internet keywords only !!!

Cookie won’t be store on other sites !!!!

only the same website which is saved your information can access it.

Initially, in cookie preferences like language and preferred layout for a website.

In very soon web developers realized the power of cookies, the more information they could store about you, the better they could suit your needs.

Cookies started pushing their size limitations and they stored containing more data from a visitor with modern technology.

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