Data Security: How to Keep Data Safe in Digital World

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Data Security

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In our modern world, the progress of technology is the leading factor that has already greatly influenced many of peoples’ lives. However, a disturbing reality set in as the change, that is supposed to be positive, may be used with bad intentions. Therefore, making sure your privacy and personal data are secure should be a priority. Here are a few quick tips that will help you gain some extra protection against various potential threats.

Data encryption

A security method that becomes more and more popular among people, encryption ensures secure sharing of information, from files and emails to whole IT systems, and is effective in preventing data loss.

Cloud services

There are lots of Cloud services, great for storing important information, which can access from literally any part of the world. Although, if you want to ensure your data is not potentially exposed to third parties, consider prior encryption to double protection.

Online backup

While the traditional method of using the external hard drive to save backup works perfectly fine, online backup is a new alternative to try. Online backup services are enriched with a bigger number of automatic functions and are effective in data protection. They will monitor the files requiring backup, send them to the cloud and will restore them to the host computer if needed. It is important to keep in mind that they are not the same (!) as cloud services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Unlike online backup services like CrashPlan or IDrive, the latter is not supposed to provide automatic protection of data.

Social image

Social networking is important; however, it is also a chance to access your data. If this works for you, try keeping personal information private. Let’s say, not revealing the date of birth or phone number would already make a difference.

Staying low key

There are some other hidden ways in which others can snoop on your daily activity. Decrease the threat of spying on your location by using programs that do not require access to it. Also, try turning off Bluetooth by default, avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi, and giving priority to secure websites, protected with HTTPS protocol.

Those are some helpful ways for you to stay a little more protected from day to day. Progress is a vital part of evolution. However, it’s necessary to realize that not all of us have the same positive intentions. Therefore, coming prepared by taking small effective steps to ensure your safety should be a daily priority.

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