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What is Education and why?

Education is the process of gaining knowledge, skills, habits, and values. There are different names for education like primary, secondary, under graduation etc. Education is provided by the private sector as well as the government sector.

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Nowadays education plays a vital role in everyone’s life because there is no value for an uneducated person in the society. But nowadays education value is gradually declining as it has a great respect in the society. As every person pursuing the education for the sake of the job or to survive in the society. There is very less number of people are taking it with interest that is to achieve something or create something new because the nowadays education system had become like that no person is getting interested to do something new or to think something new.

As we are saying that education is provided by the public or government sector as well as the private sector. As two se sector schools and colleges because the facilities provided by the government and private sector are different. As the government sector schools are now taking care of the students and on vectors are providing the same education (teaching syllabus) may people are interested in the privateer activities. As the private sector schools have the keen observation and restrictions on the student’s activities. As they are providing many facilities and well-trained teachers the cost of education is also high. You may think that the government schools and colleges are not having the well trained teachers? There will be well-trained teachers in the government sector but do not having the proper vigilance from the government their interest towards the students and their activities is less when compared to the private sector schools and colleges.

But the studying environment provided by the government schools and colleges is very good than the private sector schools and colleges because in the government schools and colleges student should develop the interest in the studies but in case of the private sector schools and colleges that will not seen once he/she joined in the institution either  he/she is having the interest to study or not are considered they have to attend the schools or college regularly and study. There is a well known in the process in the private schools that is mugging up the concept and kept on the paper while the examination commence but in case of the government sector schools and colleges it can seen at the rare cases.

Private sector schools and colleges are just thinking only about the marks and ranks to get a good fame and survive in the society but in case of government schools and colleges, it is not seen so that the students can enjoy the freedom of study. When we consider the extracurricular activities like games, singing,  dance etc.., government school or college students are at the top in most of the cases than the private sector school or college students because everyday evening students are allowed to play games or doing the things of their interest and it is not there in private schools or colleges.

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In the olden days that is before the arrival of private schools and colleges , there is a limited number of schools and colleges of government at only some places that is one or two for  district. If the person is having any special recommendations then there will be the special treatment (like the decrease in fees, providing some extra facilities etc..,). Now a days the cost of education is very high from day to day. when the students are at under graduation many students are studying just to take the degree or to get some job for earning money to survive in the society. There are less number of students who are really trying to develop their skills and create new things by their innovative thinking and serve for the society as well as develop themselves. Education should give the good values to the students as the teachers are trying to provide it is only to some extent. Now a days the people are running for the sake of money that is to lead a comfortable life in the society.

If both the parents are job holders in the family then the time spending with there is very less and in that less time, they are supposed to enjoy themselves or teach the values to their children. As the both the parents are educated they have to make some time to spend with their children and know about them and teach some values if necessary.

Education plays a key role in developing the skills and values and how to mould themselves in accordance to the situation. Every educational institution should create the interest on education but not hasty on the education. Education is for gaining knowledge not for the job or something to do to survive in the society. A knowledgeable person can survive anywhere in the society by using his knowledge in right place at right time.

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