The fear to accept why we have a rape culture?


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News which is generally accounted for being immediate somehow lost its track when it came to Asifa. Was it because of her community or pure lust? It is a known fact that the government is supporting the rape. But the question here is whether this kind of act requires support or punishment.

rape case of asifa

This act of molestation or rather an act questioning the humanity of the men is purely due to religious conflict. In such cases lust plays a very insignificant role. Talking about the eight-year-old going missing for four months and the police not willing to take in her parent’s report by telling them that she might have eloped with a guy is extremely astonishing.

The thought that police had, that a girl as small as eight years of age can elope is really bewildering. It is a really disheartening behavior on the part of the police. As known Asifa was raped in the temple also. Why was this done? Was it to show power that Hindus are stronger and can force themselves on anyone regardless of age.

This rape was surely not caused because of lust. The two communities talked about in this case cannot be superior to one another as ideally no religion is more superior than another. It is really sad that Hindus still try to prove their superiority by choosing rape as a form of revenge. It is always believed that lust is the root cause of rape, but through the history we have seen that rape has been an act of revenge or portrayal of superiority and victory. During a war in earlier times, men where always killed and women were always raped. There is no denial that lust can lead to rape but it cannot be agreed that it is the only or a major reason why men rape.

Rape has become such a normalized form of taking revenge. It is just not Asifa, so many other girls are molested or raped because they denied proposals of men and this rejection pricked the men. Our country needs to realize that just means having a strong sexual desire towards someone and not indulging in an act of brutality, inhumanity, and killing. What justification is the nation going to give for rapes happening due to riots? Is that lust? No, it is not, it is just to show superiority of one community over another. India will never be able to let loose this rape culture as this form is the easiest way to take revenge and get rid of any form of lust. Let us consider the rape during Muzaffarnagar riots. The females were not just raped but were beaten up to death, some had acid attacks after the rape and were left there to die.

Some females were just beaten up naked and there was no stop to this savagery and barbarity. These murdered bodies are just held up in gestures of power, pride and dominance. Yes, I accept that men can lust over girls wearing revealing clothes but what about women who are being raped regardless of their clothing? How do you call such things act of lust? India as a nation if wants to get rid of this culture, needs to be broad-minded and respect the female gender. Objectifying females is going to promote this culture. It is really sad that the government is acting on such cases keeping in mind their self-interest. Any judgement they pass on such cases just benefit them as a political party and this is why they act upon it.

Taking the case of Asifa, the court took the case on fast trial because the cabinet felt that giving them justice would make Kashmiris acceptable towards India. All of this just brings a question in mind on whether there is any humanity left in people or we have just become a selfish zombie eating whatever gives us satisfaction and killing what is not required by us. If you care to protest against young girls like Asifa being raped and murdered so ruthlessly, they also care enough to understand the politicization of her death is crucial for your outrage, please recognize that reason of Asifa ’s rape is communal and not lust. Girls like Asifa are raped and exploited in midst of all the political game. If you choose to ignore this larger context by saying that not everything needs to be politicize and not everything is due to communal commotion then you just choose to blind yourself to the true understanding of why she went through this brutal act.

Our nation needs to dig deeper for understanding such cases which have become so common now. The government, law and majorly the citizens need to understand that it is not you taking revenge, it is you taking a girl ‘s soul, peace of body and acceptance of herself. Rape costs more than just a body and its high time that people understand this.

by Anjali Shah

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