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Goods and service tax(GST): the term GST refers to the “GOODS AND SERVICE TAX”  its a form of tax which has been implemented across the India on 1 July 2017 and it is applicable all over the country. It is also called as the indirect form of taxing to overcome the different taxes implied by the different state’s across the country.

The idea of GST is based on the indirect form of tax. The term indirect was started from the period of the after Independence. The first idea was started in 1986 in Rajiv Gandhi’s government.

The implementation of these type of taxes was a huge overheat because of the opposition party!!and quite observable was the person who has been trying to reform the country has been opposed by other’s But the implementation took in huge success as it undergone  midnight sessions, Which attended the huge meeting by big business delegates  including  Rathan tata and many more..

The  reason for opposing by the opposite parties is quite in natural to country growth. The reason behind was that the current taxation system could raise the Daily needs of the peoples that is the middle class of the people  and the poorer classes… one thing that i feel pity  about opposers is that the reason for raising The taxes is indirectly they are the reason behind them!!

Now the question is that the  how is the GST is implementing and How are the rates are going and the how is implemented across the country across different products??..well the GST is that the imposing different rates on the different products.

The rate of GST is 18%  on the soaps .GST on the movie tickets Is based on the slabs and with 18%  costs less than 100.  28% GST tickets on the theatres costing more than Rs 100. The rate  on under-construction property booking is 12%.some of them has been excluded by them is that the dairy products, the product of the milling industries, fresh vegetables ,meat productions ,and other groceries etc.

As per above information, there is no affecting on the daily needs but one draw back is that the implementing on medicines is the major drawback because medicines are the more important thing where poor and middle-class peoples affected.

My own experience is that the last month due to fewer based on the doctor prescription i purchased few tablets and i observed in the bill was the GST on 12%… I won’t say that its a draw back but looking after that is important Because medicine are life saving thing for the poor and middle class. There were some aligations across the country that cost of the most consumer services in India including the  food, hotel charges, insurances and  cinema tickets.


Implementing GST as a one way of the taxation is the best thing and it should be little changed. so that the it should be a boon to the country people

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