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This is the Personal List and You should have Knowledge about this basic Internet Marketing Computer and Internet Keywords for Newbies.

internet keywords for digital marketing newbies

  • Malware: It is a short form of Malicious Software.It is Prepared to Damage any Computer system.Sometimes it is Considered as a Virus but It is a Different from it in the sense that it does not spread like a virus.
  • Firewall: It is a Technique for the security of computers.It prevents unwanted programs and command and allows only permitted ones.It is  Security device to protect computer networks from external access.It Keeps Data secret and do not allow others to interfere or damage it.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Computers are Being developed to response on their logic.Robots are examples of it.Centre for Artifical Intelligence and Robotics(CAIR), Bengaluru, researchers on the point.
  • Search Engine: It Helps to find out required information by providing matching indexes of data or sites.
  • Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a free, web-based ,collaboratives,multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.It is an encyclopedia available on the internet in multi-lingual form biggest till the date.
  • Avatar: It is a project to design and develop a hyperplane which is the half rocket and half aircraft in India.It will take off like a plane, fly into low orbit of the earth and return to the base station execute its mission.
  • Exabyte: It is a unit of a large storing capacity of a computer.It is a set of instruction which can be used to operate the data of another user.It is an illegal act.
  • URL: URL Stands for Uniform Resource Locator.It is a system for naming website in the Internet accepted universally.
  • Internet Worm: It is a program spread through the internet and gets activated by itself.DDoS means Distributor’s Denial of service.
  • Multimedia: It is program software of Computer which uses simultaneously audio,video,virtual reality and telephony techniques.
  • Clock Speed: The Clock Speed refers to the rate at which the CPU  Clock operates.It is measured in MHz or GHz .Faster the clock,faster the program of operations.
  • WAP-enabled Phone: WAP(Wireless Application protocol) enabled phones are having screen facility which shows the picture of the user opposite-side.It provides facilities for a number of WAP sites to the user through the medium of the telephone.
  • Digital Signature: Digital Signature is a special kind of encrypted signature used as a means of autheticating electronic documents.It is necessary for electronic commerce.
  • Ethernet: It is a local area network used to inerconnect computer equipment.They use radio frequenc signals sometimes.It is a very common type of LAN.
  • Spamming: It refers to junk emails.They proliferate despite many efforts to reduce them.Term is used for unsolicited commercial emails.

these are some known internet keywords,computer, and technology keywords also, let me know some more keywords from your side, put comments and share this article for high ranking on Google.


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