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Credit Card : Meaning,Pros and Cons and also types of credit cards

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There are different modes of payments and users decide what method is serving them for good. A credit card is also one of them. The credit …

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What is Company Meaning, Definition & Characteristics of Company

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the company is a group of people which are bonded together with a goal to set up a business. Basically, the definition is over but if …

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Short Essay on Advantages of Insurance

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Insurance and its advantages What is the need for insurance? This the most frequent question which most people appears to query when they are asked to …

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GST : meaning,introduction,essay and advantages

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What is this GST? Most of us must have the information about what it is, as this has covered recently almost all of the headlines of …

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HTML: Meaning,examples,importance and uses

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HTML MEANING It is scripting language which is used by most of the web developers working in IT company. Now, those who are not interested and …


Notes on Information Technology Act,2000

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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT, 2000 The term ‘information technology’ is generally applied to broad areas of activities and technologies associated with the use of computers and communications. …

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Data Security: How to Keep Data Safe in Digital World

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Data Security In our modern world, the progress of technology is the leading factor that has already greatly influenced many of peoples’ lives. However, a disturbing …

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Goods and service tax(GST): the term GST refers to the “GOODS AND SERVICE TAX”  its a form of tax which has been implemented across the India …


Income Tax Law – Complete Guide

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Introduction to Tax planning Tax planning is an exercise which is mostly undertaken to minimize tax liability by using all available allowances,  deductions,  exclusions,  exemptions, etc. …

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Notes on Small scale industries and importance

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SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY: IMPORTANCE AND IDEAS The small scale industry as the name itself specifies that the small level of business, which the people could invest …