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Education loan for abroad studies,Details,Procedure

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Education plays a very important in a person’s life. It is a process through which a person becomes what he/she wanted to become. Education helps an …


Health Insurance Importance and best health insurance plans in india

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What is Health Insurance? Insurance is the act, system, or business of ensuring the property, life, one’s person, etc against loss or harm arising in specified …

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Importance of insurance for public – Apply Today

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Importance of insurance for public Insurance is a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium. …

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Notes on Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing

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Introduction to DIGITAL MARKETING Digital marketing is a very wide term. It includes all those activities which an individual does online like social media, Google search, …


What is Mortgage and Types of Mortgage loans

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WHAT IS MORTGAGE Mortgage means getting a loan in terms of money. People mortgage loan to buy a home, building, land etc. This loan which is …


Explanation on Accounting and Commerce Concepts

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CONCEPTS OF ACCOUNTING AND COMMERCE Let’s start with the basic definition of accounting and commerce. What is an accounting? Accounting basically is an art of recording, …


what are cookies on the internet and how to protect from others

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  At the Time of Cookie invention, they basically started collecting information about you and your preferences. For Instance, you have searched for Internet keywords that …



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what is URL  For instance, this is URL it stands for UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR there is another name for URL that is web address and …

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What are brand and Branding | how to create a brand identity

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what is Brand? what do we think when we hear about spectacles? Lenskart know! it’s lenskart branding So Look some facts on brand The Branding depends on …

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Digital Marketing|Computer,technology and Internet keywords

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This is the Personal List and You should have Knowledge about this basic Internet Marketing Computer and Internet Keywords for Newbies. Malware: It is a short …