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what are path,url,domain,http, and extension

what is URL 

For instance, this is URL  http://www.sociologygroup.com/air-pollution-report-killed-people/


there is another name for URL that is web address and in our general language, we call it as Link.

A Post Address enables mail to reach its destination, similarly,it allows your browser to find a specific web page.

It should be unique like our mobile number and it should point to only one place.

It won’t allow accessing two or more web pages with the same URL.

So what is Http full form, Hypertext transfer protocol this is the ‘set of rules’, Your browser and the computer will communicate in so, they can understand each other.


It stands for world wide web, this is inherited from the early days of the internet when more than one network of linked computer was available.Most browsers now add this prefix by default.


Domain name like Sociologygroup look at this example http://www.sociologygroup.com/air-pollution-report-killed-people/, it is a name that can buy in some websites like GoDaddy, big rock etc,

You can buy any domain and it mustn’t already is in use and trademark of anything.


This gives useful information above the website

see this http://www.sociologygroup.com/air-pollution-report-killed-people/

suppose .com means global or US company and .co.uk means a company in the United Kingdom.

There are other extensions like .org for a charitable purpose and .gov for the government.

Suppose if you want to rank well in particular country, you should buy that particular country extension

for instance .in for Indian website ranking.

Path in URL

It’s like organizing files in folders on your mobile or tablet

, for instance, this see an example http://www.sociologygroup.com/science/air-pollution-report.

But Most of the case in path helps us easy navigation, so it helps reduction of bunce rate,so make sure to put clear and easy path in  link

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