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It is scripting language which is used by most of the web developers working in IT company. Now, those who are not interested and are n the t from coding stream, must know that what is scripting language and also should know the details of HTML.


When a coder wishes to code a program and the program needs a logical coding then he uses a coding language. Like:- Java, C or C++ but when the coding of the website needs no coding language then which language will a coder would use to program a website? Thus, the code would use a scripting language.

HTML is the easiest and the best scripting language which can create a web page which together with correct linkages, if uploaded to server, can work as a website. HTML, uses other languages to make the webpage a bit more responsive and to improve the appearance of the page. The HTML is analogous to the bone structure of the human body, i.e. it provides the main structure to the webpage.

For example:- lets suppose we open a website to read an article or to collect any information. In that scenario we would see many links and also the article written. The whole article and structure of the website is developed with the help of HTML.

The rest of the creative designs are due to the presence of a CSS language. This codes the structured-webpage to develop a better, attractive and a good looking website. Moreover, to make the website more responsive coders uses javascript too.

This adds more animations and designs to the same structure. These languages are analogous to the muscles and blood of the human body which decides how the body of the human would appear.

HTML stands for hypertext markup language. This language works for the front end of the website, i.e. when the user opens the website all the things which he would see is coded with HTML and to develop the back end of the website. The coders use PHP.


The HTML is a simple language which requires no extra app or software to run its program. It can be written in a simple notepad and other applications which can be used to write the codes are:- brackets, nodepad++ and many others.

When the coder completes its coding then he is expected to save the written code with a name and with a suffix of “.html”.

Today most for the organisation uses HTML language to develop their website. Even Google, the world’s best known search engine, even after being coded with C uses some parts of HTML coding.

This is how much important the language is. The uses and significance of the language is never ending but if you wish to become a web developer then for sure this si the best way you can become one, i.e. try to learn HTML; this is the best and the easiest language to start the web development courses.

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